The Big Circus

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Personalized Books


Every child loves the excitement of a Big Circus….

Our personalized The Big Circus book will quickly become your child's favorite storybook, when they start reading the story and see that they are part of “The Big Circus” adventure they will squeal with delight.

 "Step right up and See the Show". The adventure and fun begins when your child becomes the ringmaster after a clown becomes ill. As the ringmaster, your child leads the circus through the Big Top on the back of Big Ben the elephant. The fun begins and not even Lion tamers, trapeze artists, stunt clowns, and trained seals can steal the show from your little boy or girl. This is their moment to be a part of the greatest show on earth!  Personalized The Big Circus book has colorful illustrations that entertain and capture your child's attention many times over.
Not only will your child be thrilled with their book, this personalized book for kids makes a wonderful birthday gift, party favor, stocking stuffer or just to say “I Love You and You are Special!”



Product Details

  • Available in English, Spanish or UK Spelling
  • ©Create-A-Book
  • Quality hard-cover adventure book
  • Washable Hard Cover surface
  • Laser Printed pages
  • 24 pages with color illustrations
  • The Big Circus book measures 7”x 8”
  • Ages 3 to 8


  • Child First,  Middle (opt) and Last Name
  • Age
  • Hometown
  • 3 Friends or family members
  • Your special dedication

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