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Is your little girl taking ballet classes, does she aspire to become the prima ballerina? Create- A-Book, The Ballerina Princess is the gift you will want to purchase.

The Ballerina Princess is a personalized story of your little ballerina practicing all the ballet movements that all young girls learn in dance class. In this personalized storybook, your little girl practices very hard and dreams of becoming the prima ballerina and best of all her friends are there to encourage her in her dreams. Then the day comes and she gets to be the ballerina star when the professional ballerina becomes ill and is not able to dance. Personalized throughout, this book illustrated by a Russian Artist, and will become a cherished keepsake gift of every budding ballerina. The Ballerina Princess is a beautiful gift for graduations from ballet class.

This personalized book The Ballerina Princess contains various illustrations of ballet positioning, practices and more at the end of the story.

Product Detail

  • Available in English, Italian or Spanish 
  • ©Create-A-Book
  • Quality hard-cover personalized childrens book
  • Washable Hard Cover surface
  • Laser Printed pages
  • 36 pages with color illustrations
  • Available in Ethnic Version
  • Not Rated


  • Child First,  Middle (opt) and Last Name
  • Age
  • HomeTown
  • 3 Friends or family members
  • Teachers Name
  • Recital choices of Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall
  • Guests invited to see her dance
  • Your special dedication

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