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Does your child ask about when they were born?

 Special Delivery is engaging personalized baby book, complete with illustrations of cudly characters like "Topper the Turtle", "Squeeky Squirrel" and "Bouncy Bunny",  tell the story and makes it even more enjoyable for your children. Through this book, your child can appreciate just how great the miracle of life is, and learn the details of this very special day.

Some samples of the details included are;

  • What time was he/she born
  • What length they were and how much they weighed
  • What the doctors name was that delivered him/ her
  • What kind of emotions the family had when you first saw him/her
  • Who were my first visitors – his grandparents and siblings, aunts and uncles?

This personalized baby keepsake records the story of yours and your child's most special day, his or hers birthday! These are just a few of the information you can celebrate forever through this personalized book.

What a special and unique personalized keepsake gift to give on the child’s birthday, at a baby shower, or just a special gift.  This baby book makes a wonderful Baptismal Gift or Christening Gift.

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Product Detail

  • Available in English, Italian and  Spanish 
  • ©Create -A-Book
  • Quality hard-cover baby book
  • Washable Hard Cover surface
  • Laser Printed pages
  • 35 pages with color illustrations
  • Approximate Size 7" X 8"
  • Hard wipe clean cover.


  • Child First,  Middle (opt) and Last Name
  • Age
  • HomeTown
  • Visitors
  • Hospital, Doctor and Nurse Name
  • Visitors

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