Seven Candles for Kwanzaa

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Celebrate the week-long secular holiday honoring African-American heritage...

Zawadi the storyteller” talks to your child about the “First Fruits of the Harvest” and its special meanings. He also talks about the wonderful clothing, meals, and festive nature of the holiday. But most of all, your child will learn about the meanings of lighting the candles, or “Mishumaa Saba.” Your little boy or girl will learn all of the traditions of Kwanzaa and its roots to the heritage of all African-Americans in the United States of America. Your child will enjoy learning the meaning of Kwanzaa, celebrating African-American heritage. Kwanzaa means “first fruits of harvest”. It starts December 26th and continues through January 1st. The most important part of Kwanzaa is the study of the seven principles. Complete with full illustrations and at the end of the book gives your child an opportunity to study “The Seven Priciples of Kwanzaa.”

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  • Ages 3-8


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