Santa's Story

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Personalized Books


This is the Story of Christmas as told by Santa Himself, for the Santa in all of us!

"...and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...You’ve heard this before, this story’s not new...I've added a twist, your name’s in here too.”

That was just a short quote from the text of this wonderful personalized childrens book. This familiar classic is not only personalized with the child’s name, but the story itself has been modified to teach them about the true meaning of Christmas and the birth of Jesus Christ.

It is beautifully written with humor and love, and in a fashion that makes it easy for a child to read and understand.

Product Detail

  • Available in English 
  • ©Create-A-Book
  • Quality hard-cover personalized childrens book
  • Washable Hard Cover surface
  • Laser Printed pages
  • 32 pages with color illustrations


  • Child First,  Middle (opt) and Last Name
  • Age
  • Hometown
  • 3 Friends or family members
  • Your special dedication
  •  Ages 3-10

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