Potty Training Books

Potty training a child can be stressful, tiring and frustrating to the child. When you potty train, keep it fun! These personalized potty training books will be a valuable tool for you. Each book has the child’s name the mentors name and talks to the child in an encouraging way. With our personalized Sesame Street Bye, Bye Diapers your child will look forward to the task. Let Elmo, Zoe and their Sesame Street friends help your child learn to use the potty in this charming story. Elmo talks about his potty training days and speaks directly to your child while explaining that everyone can have accidents and that is ok.  Create - Book, No More Diapers personalize book expresses what your child may already be feeling, such as noticing that siblings and friends wear underwear...what a convenience. After getting a new pair of "potty underwear", bragging rights are high. Start your child out on the right foot and order your personalized potty training book today!


Here are some great getting started tips:

  • Get rid of all diapers and pull ups!Use potty training pants or "big kid" underwear- have them feel the wetness.
  • Pick a potty training method and educate yourself that works for you and your family.
  • Scolding doesn't work, positive reinforcement DOES!
  • Educate yourself FIRST, then teach your child the correct potty training steps
  • Don't expect him to know how to go potty just because you do (see articlePotty Training from a Child's perspective)
  • Have LOTS of dry practice runs
  • Keep it fun! Remember that they are just kids :)

Take a moment and read the following articles to help get ready. The more you plan and prepare now, the more successful you can be! more...