My Trip to the Fire Station

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If your child is ever in a fire, this book could save their life! A great trip to the fire station is a wonderful experience for your little boy or girl in this book. They learn how important fire prevention and fire safety can be.

Personalized My Trip to the Fire Station takes your child , teacher and  friends to their local fire station where they get to meet real firefighters and take a tour. First they get to look at all the fire trucks including an old antique engine, plus they get to sit up in the driver’s seat of one of them. Then they get to see and wear the special uniforms and equipment that firefighters use. This is when they learn about what to do if their own clothes catch on fire...”STOP, DROP AND ROLL!” Next, the firefighters show them matches and a smoke detector. Your child is taught to never play with matches or lighters and always give them to an adult if found. He or she will also learn to never play near gas or electric heaters, or stoves and fireplaces, as many objects such as clothing and paper catch fire very easily.

There are plenty of other things taught in this highly educational book such as how to contact the fire department, what to do if they see or smell smoke and other valuable life-saving lessons. As well as being educational, the book can be used to store important emergency names and telephone numbers for your child to keep close to hand. Don’t let your child go another day without this valuable book!

 Great book for Fundraiser events for your school, church or non- profit organization.


Product Detail

  • Available in English and  Spanish
  • ©Create-A-Book
  • Quality hard-cover personalized childrens book
  • Washable Hard Cover surface
  • Laser Printed pages
  • 36 pages with color illustrations
  • Not Rated
  • Measures 6 3/4" by 8 1/4 
  • Great Fund Raising or Give- A- Book Product


  • Child First, Middle (opt) and Last Name
  • Age
  • HomeTown
  • 1 Friend Name and Gender
  • Fire Chief's Name
  • Fire Fighter First Name and Gender
  • Fire Station Name
  • Teachers Name and Gender
  • Emergency Phone Number
  • Your special dedication

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