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 This fishy tale begins when your  adult falls asleep and dreams about the big fishing contest. Transformed into a Fishing Bear named Bobber, he or she manages to overcome those fishing challenges to catch the biggest fish ever seen. The children’s version is cute and will “catch” your child’s attention, while the adult version pokes fun at the one who always catches the biggest fish. At the end of the book, the child’s version allows your kid to record details such as their favorite fish to catch and eat, while the adult version includes additional space to record their favorite beverage and excuse.

SAMPLE TEXT for Adult Fun Book

My Fishing Adventure

 was created especially for

 Jacob Alan Smith

at the age of 34

Keep Dreaming!


September 7, 2010    

   Page 3


It had been a long day, and Jake Smith was ready to hit the sack. As usual, he was looking forward to his favorite bedtime activity - reading his fishing catalog.

 Although he rarely caught anything, Jake was hooked on fishing. If he could only learn to land the big ones in Pensacola!  

Page 4

Certainly Jake, at his ripe old age of 34, was no longer a child. However, Jim, Helen, and Taylor suspected that deep down, he would always be a kid at heart when it came to fishing.

 Fortunately for Jake, nobody knew Bobber Bear was his hero! He carried his bear with him on every fishing trip.

Page 35


Fishing Rod:






Fishing Spot:






Page 36  Notes of their own adventure memories








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  • Available in English 
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  • Quality hard-cover personalized childrens book
  • Washable Hard Cover surface
  • Laser Printed pages
  • 36 pages with color illustrations
  • Not Rated


  • Adult's First,  Middle (opt) and Last Name
  • Age
  • Hometown or Fishing Location
  • Fishing Partner's Name
  • Favorite Fishing Spot ( Lake, River or hometown)
  • 3 Friends or family members
  • Your special dedication

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